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January 17, 2012

SEO Predictions 2012 – Caliber White Paper


2012 is here and there’s a lot in store for SEO, partly because the internet is as busy as ever. There’s Pinterest, SOPA, micro formats and HTML5. There’s Google’s new Search Plus and Danny Sullivan’s insightful response. Caliber Interactive is adding to the conversation in the form of our new white paper – Communities and Conversations: SEO Predictions for 2012.

The white paper includes insights from our leadership team – Tony Samios, Michael Briggs and Jonny Scott – as well as input from Scott McLay, Danny Denhard, Karine Nasciemento and Ian Humphreys. Touching on social media, content, online PR as well as the brass tacks of SEO, it represents what we expect to see in the coming year.

Here are some of the key insights from the report:
• SEO as an industry needs to grow up and become transparent about what it does and does not do for clients.
• Social had an impact last year, this year it will have a much larger part to play. Social noise will have to be replaced by authoritative signals from trusted social networks.
• To succeed, agencies need to develop on-brand, topical, innovative and visually appealing content. This means moving away from the traditional scrollable infographic towards a whole menu of options including, but not limited to, white papers, blog posts, videos, UGC, games and interactive infographics.

Have questions about the report? Let us know in the comments section and we’ll do our best to answer.

The report was compiled by myself with artistic prettifying courtesy of Jaimie Bell.

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